This 5 Year Old Became Brittian’s Youngest Certified Beekeeper

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The latest beekeeper from the UK to come up in the headlines is Archie Cridland. He maintains an enormous colony of nearly 60,000 bees and now proudly bears the tag of being Britain’s youngest certified beekeeper. Guess exactly how young this “youngest” one is? This incredible beekeeper is just five years old!
This Surrey child was a victim of a bee sting at the age of two but this only piqued his interest in this small species. It also helped that Archie’s grandmother Lorraine is also an apiarist and served as his inspiration.

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When asked about what made him keep this unique insect as his pet, Archie explained how bees are important for pollination. Even at this tender age, Archie knows about how bees help in pollinating trees, and crops!

archie inspecting

These 60,000 bees help him make 60 jars full of honey yearly. The Cridland family enjoys some of it and sells the rest. Archie loves to make candles from the beeswax he collects.

The best thing, Archie admits, is when he puts bees under a microscope to look at them up-close.

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Archie had to submit a portfolio containing details of his work over a period of three months and a diary containing other relevant details to an examiner. This enabled him to secure the Junior Certificate in Apiculture from British Beekeeping Association.

Archie presentation with mum Certificate BBKA and

This young boy is now busy with his studies but is also working hard to achieve the next beekeeping qualification. So what were you up to when you were five?

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