This 21-Year-Old Man Became The First Person To Unicycle Around The World


By Amanda Froelich

How do you change the world? You find a cause, figure out a way to raise awareness (and, ideally, funds for it), and persevere until the deed is done. It sounds simple enough but as many people know, “doing good” can be a harder process than simply developing the idea. That’s why we’d like to highlight the efforts of a 21-year-old man from Britain who is now the first person ever to unicycle around the world. Through his efforts, he raised more than

In March of 2015, Ed Pratt set off from his home near Taunton, Somerset on a 21,000-mile (33,000 km) challenge. As the BBC reports, the trip took approximately 16 months longer than he planned. This was due to icy roads and nearly being hit by a car in Kazakhstan.  Despite setbacks, the 40-month endeavor resulted in Pratt raising more than £300,000 (~ $393,752) for the School in a Bag charity. The organization gives educational equipment to underprivileged and poor children around the world.

Said Nick and Roxanne, Pratt’s parents: “He left school in search of a challenge and adventure. Anyone who has followed his journey around the world will know that he has created just that.” On his unicycle, Pratt traveled through Europe and the Middle East, into Asia, then across to Australia and New Zealand. Eventually, he moved onto the USA then returned to the UK. The challenge was completed last Friday, as Pratt unicycled across a finish line at the School in a Bag head office, based in Somerset.

School in a Bag CEO, Luke Simon, told the press that the charity was thrilled to have been part of the 21-year-old’s “epic journey.” He added that the funds raised from the unique unicycle trip would directly help more than 15,000 children.

Source: BBC

image credit: SWNS TV

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