These Volkswagen Beetles Converted Into RV Hybrids Called “Bug Campers”


By John Vibes / Truth Theory

There is no doubt that the Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, but its small size made it difficult for road trips. This is likely why the Volkswagen Bus because so popular. However, in the 1970s some mechanics began tinkering with the cars to develop solutions that would make it more suitable for long travels. One of the most interesting outcomes of these experiments was the RV hybrids which were called “Bug Campers.”

bug camper 10

bug camper 2

MyStarCollector found one of these vehicles at a car show in 2016, which even came with some of the original advertising materials.

bug camper 3

On the front seat of the vehicle, there was a issue of Mechanix Illustrated magazine where the converted RV Beetle appeared on the cover.

bug camper 4

There was room for a kitchen, but unfortunately not a bed, but it appears that if renovated properly, the kitchen table could fold down to make a bed.

bug camper 6

The vehicle sold for about $6,000 in 1975 and was never sold directly through Volkswagen, but through a number of third-party companies. bug camper 8

These cars were a novelty item for a short amount of time, but as more competition came on the market they went out of style.

bug camper 9

What do you think? Would you drive around in one of these cars?

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