These Two Rescued Foxes Roll Onto Their Bellies And Start “Laughing” Out Of Excitement

rescued foxes

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Who doesn’t love a good belly rub! Two rescued foxes have recently been caught on camera having the time of their lives “laughing” and enjoying a good belly rub! Named Dixiedo and Finnegan, these two rescued foxes were saved from fur farms and now live comfortably in Saveafox Rescue sanctuary.

The video shows their rescuer approaching them. The two rescued foxes get super excited and start rolling on their bellies- a sign asking for some petting! Finnegan starts making “ha ha” noises, quite like human laughter. Foxes are known to “laugh” to express greetings, happiness, and excitement.

Save A Fox And Rescued Foxes

Finnegan and Dixiedo are in the care of the largest fox rescue in the States. Saveafox Rescue mentioned in their YouTube post that they are a rescue center for domestic foxes. They mostly try to rescue these furry animals from cruel fur farms and also take in surrendered pets. Saveafox Rescue further explains how all these foxes were born in captivity, which makes them incapable of surviving in the wild. Hence the sanctuary has taken on the responsibility of rescuing and protecting them. 


The sanctuary adopts all these rescued foxes like Finnegan and Dixiedo and takes care of them. They also make provisions for new guardians to legally adopt the foxes. Saveafox helps owners inform of the many details they need to be careful about when adopting a fox. It is quite intensive, it seems!

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Another internet sensation from the same family, Juniper the fox, had also become quite loved on social media. But Jupiner’s human mom has cautioned they are not nice and cuddly animals. Juniper’s mom explained how foxes can be quite stubborn and smell too. Rescued foxes need a lot of special attention and care to remain healthy.

But Finnegan and Dixiedo seem to be doing fine with the Saveafox sanctuary for now! The video shows them enjoying ample space and their laughter does not indicate any discomfort. We can only hope all other foxes stuck at such fur farms are rescued and lead happy lives. You can support Saveafox to help them rescue more such cute foxes!

Image credit: SaveAFox

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