These Snazzy, Pink Shoes Are Made From Recycled Chewing Gum

Gumshoe Released

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Second to cigarettes, chewing gum is the most common form of litter. Because it is made out of polymers which are synthetic plastics, it doesn’t biodegrade, either. This is a problem. Now Explicit Wear is helping reduce chewing gum litter. The Amsterdam-based company is doing  so by incorporating the used gum into the soles of its new “Gumshoe.”

To produce the Gumshoe, Explicit Wear partnered with the sustainability company Gumdrop and the tourist organization IAmsterdam. Together, they figured out a method to break down the synthetic properties of gum and convert it into a new kind of rubber, called Gum-tec.

As GoodNewsNetwork reports, it takes approximately 2.2 pounds of ABC gum for every four pairs of Gumshoes. On the plus side, the material is not hard to come by. In fact, it’s estimated that there are roughly 3.3 million pounds of used gum on the streets in Amsterdam.

Said Mustafa Tanriverdi, who works in the Amsterdam marketing and investments department: “With these shoes, we take a step closer towards gum-free streets and at the same time, create awareness among gum users without being preachy.”

Watch the video below to learn more:

Gumshoes are already available for pre-order. They will go on sale in June and cost $232 per pair.

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Source: GoodNewsNetwork, Gumshoe

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