These Contact Lenses Might Bring Humans One Step Closer To Becoming Cyborgs

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By John Vibes / Truth Theory

A California-based tech startup called Mojo Vision has announced the development of an augmented reality contact lens that can allow the user to see a variety of different displays and graphics in their field of vision. The concept is very similar to the previous “Google Glass” technology that came on the market a few years ago. Google Glass was essentially a pair of augmented reality glasses, but the contact lens is actually in your eye instead of on your face.

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The currently-in-development AR lenses will use 14k pixels-per-inch micro-displays to show statistics like health tracking and other data like restaurant reviews or directions. To give some clarification, 14k pixels-per-inch would make it the smallest and densest dynamic display ever made.

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“We have figured out how to take that world’s most dense display. We have a medical-grade contact lens, supply power, and data. And eventually, we will get to the point where we’ve got all sorts of cool gadgets to show,” Sinclair told UploadVR.

The lenses also contain wireless radio, image-recognition technology which is programmed to detect when it is needed, so the display does not turn on at inconvenient or unwanted times.

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In a press release, Mojo Vision CEO Drew Perkins explained that “after extensive research, development, and testing, we are excited to reveal our product plans and begin sharing details about this transformative platform. Mojo has a vision for invisible computing where you have the information you want when you want it and are not bombarded or distracted by data when you don’t. the technology should be helpful, and it should be available in the moment and fade away when you want to focus on the world around you.”

Investors are very excited about the new project, raising over $108 million for additional funding. The device has been in development for a very long time, as Mojo Vision has held patents for an augmented reality smart contact lens for over ten years.

Image Credits: Lukas Gojda & Mojo Vision

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