These 50+ Illustrations Reveal The Shortcomings Of Modern Society


By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Have you ever looked around yourself and thought, “I’m a puppet, a pawn for those in positions of higher power”? If so, you’re not the first. All around the world, people are waking up to the truth that the societies they live in are not supporting their best interests.

You see, most countries are in debt. And the banks that control them (or, more accurately, the people who own the banks), are in charge of what said countries do. They want to keep that control, which is why blatant propaganda is pushed on the public 24/7, usually in the form of advertisements, billboards, and celebrity influence.

The populace is kept sedated with unhealthy food, reality (junk) television, fluoridated water, and a disconnection from nature. They are then stimulated and taught what to think through inaccurate news sources, the majority of which are owned by just 6 corporations.

However unsavory these truths may be, they are essential to palate if the human race is to “break free.” Anonymous artist Avogado6 understands this, which is why he creates eye-opening illustrations and shares them on Twitter.

The mysterious Japanese artist and video editor creates imaginative illustrations that portray various shortcomings in the modern world. One image shows a suicidal, depressed man looking into his “inner child,” who is holding a gun to his head. Another illustration captures the truth behind popular Instagram selfies. A girl stages an ideal selfie within a room of chaos. Her life is a mess, but her fans don’t need to know that.

Though Avogado6 doesn’t share many personal details, he has a strong following of 650,000 on Twitter for his curious drawings. On his profile, he writes: “I am an ordinary person who likes chemistry.”

Following are 50+ Illustrations That Reveal The Shortcomings of Modern Society:



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