These 15+ Seniors Are Proof That Tattoos Look Badass Later in Life


By Amanda Froelich

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If you’re the type of person who likes to decorate your body with tattoos, inevitably, you’ve been asked: “What are you going to look like when you’re older and your skin sags?” Fret not, for there are thousands of tatted up seniors who are rocking tattoos in their mature age. If you take care of your body and have pride in your tattoos, there’s no reason they still won’t look appealing as you grow older. The following seniors, who were photographed for the ‘TattooAge. Never Too Old’ project are evidence of this.

“TattooAge. Never Too Old” took place in the Netherlands and showcases 25 elderly people in their living rooms. All are incredibly diverse. For instance, some seniors didn’t receive a tattoo until they were 80-years-old, whereas others carry ink from their teenage years. In the videos below, tatted up elders show off their body ink and share the story behind them. 

Hans shares what his tattoos mean to him

Albertina explains why she chose a swan tattoo

Thomas talks about how people react to his tattoos

Get Out means “Get Old.”

Getoud (which means “Get Old”) was founded in 2010 by Ingrid Meijering and Marion Duimel. In an email, Duimel explained that their mission is to “bring a more positive attitude towards aging and elderly people.”

Duimel wrote: “Almost everyone assumes they’ve had the tattoo since they were young but most people in the book got it in the last 10 years only. We had several people getting their tattoos when they were 80+. Toos felt she was turning into an old lady (she was 79 at the time) and decided to shave part of her hair off and get her arms full of tattoos. Then she felt she belonged again 🙂 she also loved provocating a little to go sit outside in a sleeveless shirt. Also people participating in the project want to show that they are not scary or aggressive.”

The activists hope to help people understand that you are never too old for a tattoo. For this reason, they published a book which includes teaching material on tattoo culture. In addition to exploring the meaning behind tattoos, it also showcases people’s experiences and life lessons related to receiving tattoos. We encourage you to earn more by visiting Getoud.

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