There is Plenty Of Evidence Supporting Reincarnation – But Mainstream Science Ignores It

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By Mike Sygula,

Is reincarnation real, do souls exist? These are some big questions that have been debated over and over for centuries. Many spiritual and religious groups believe in reincarnation. The concept is often connected with the existence of the soul and karma. Is it true? My personal opinion is yes, totally but don’t take my word for it, let’s analyse the evidence.

Today we have quite a lot of evidence to take the idea of the soul and reincarnation seriously. This knowledge, however, is not mainstream therefore you won’t hear about it a lot. There have been many well-documented cases of out of body experiences that people had which confirm the existence of the soul. Additionally, people like Dolores Cannon, used hypnosis and regression therapy to put their clients into states where they would access their memories before they were born. Dolores Cannon is one of the most known researchers in this field and she documented thousands of cases in her research and books. Many people could access memories of their lives between lives and many recalled exactly the same stories and processes they would go through during the transition after death, which is a form of scientific investigation in a way.

Another known hypnotherapist, Dr Michael Newton examined and documented over 7 thousand cases of people recalling past lives and the process they went through after death and the whole stage before another incarnation.  This is really interesting as if you have thousands of different people that during hypnotic trance can describe a similar process and realms that they go through after physical death, this creates compelling evidence that should certainly not be ignored.
Very often those people would recall similar processes despite having very different religious backgrounds with some being total sceptics, before the experience. One of the recurring themes that Dr. Newton observed during his hypnosis sessions with his patients is the fact that after physical death people recall a meeting of a “spirit guide” as one of the first things. This, normally is someone familiar to them that is assisting them during the transition. If you want to learn more about his work and his studies, you should check out his book – Case Studies of Life Between Lives

Another researcher, professor Ian Stevenson, who died on February 8 aged 88, was the world’s foremost scientific authority on the study of reincarnation; he was the founder and director of the Division of Personality Studies at the University of Virginia. He spent more than 40 years travelling the world, accumulating more than 3,000 cases of children who claimed to have memories of past lives. As The Telegraph reports: A typical case involved an Indian boy, Gopal, who at the age of three started talking about his previous life in the city of Mathura, 160 miles from his home in Delhi. He claimed that he had owned a medical company called Sukh Shancharak, lived in a large house with many servants, and that his brother had shot him after a quarrel.

Subsequent investigations revealed that one of the owners of Sukh Shancharak had shot his brother some eight years before Gopal’s birth. The deceased man was named Shaktipal Shara. Gopal was subsequently invited to Mathura by Shaktipal’s family, where the young child recognised various people and places known to Shaktipal. The family was particularly impressed by Gopal’s mention of Shaktipal’s attempts to borrow money, and how this had led to the shooting — information that was known only to the family.”

There are many more credible researchers who used different methods to access memories of past lives, some used psychedelics like Dr. Stanislav Grof – one of the founders of transpersonal psychology. He worked with thousands of subjects over many decades: 

“Past life experiences are among the most common phenomena in nonordinary states of consciousness. They have occurred with extraordinary frequency in psychedelic sessions of my clients, in sessions of holotropic breathwork, and in the course of spontaneous psychospiritual crises (“spiritual emergencies”) of the people we have worked with. This happened in spite of the fact that I initially did not take the idea of reincarnation and karma seriously and saw it as a product of wishful fantasy of people who could not accept the grim reality of impermanence and death. In addition, these experiences were contrary to the beliefs of the culture I grew up in, since the concept of reincarnation is rejected both by mainstream science and by the theologians of our dominant religion. It is one of the rare issues about which materialistic science and Christianity are in agreement.” (source)


Out of Body Experience in blind subjects

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One really interesting area, when examining the existence of the soul are studies of people who had Out Of Body Experiences (OBEs). These often happen during Near Death Experiences (NDEs). Subjects very often recall seeing their bodies from the outside or above. Out of all the OBE cases, the most astonishing ones are those that happened to blind subjects. As you can probably imagine, blind people who can recall situations and events during the OBE baffle scientists. Here are some of the findings from a paper published in the journal of Near-Death Studies, titled – “Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind: A Study of Apparent Eyeless Vision”

“Our findings revealed that blind persons, including those blind from birth, do report classic NDEs (Near Death Experiences) of the kind common to sighted persons; that the great preponderance of blind persons claim to see during NDEs and OBEs; (Out of Body Experiences) and that occasionally claims of visually-based knowledge that could not have been obtained by normal means can be independently corroborated.”

Here is one of the examples of case studies from this paper:

“The next respondent was a 41-year-old woman we will call Nancy who underwent a biopsy in 1991 in connection with a possible cancerous chest tumour. During the procedure, the surgeon inadvertently cut her superior vena cava, then compounded his error by sewing it closed, causing a variety of medical catastrophes including blindness, a condition that was discovered only shortly after surgery when Nancy was examined in the recovery room. She remembers waking up at that time and screaming, “I’m blind, I’m blind!” Shortly afterward, she was rushed on a gurney down the corridor in order to have an angiogram. However, the attendants, in their haste, slammed her gurney into a closed elevator door, at which point the woman had an out-of-body experience. Nancy told us she floated above the gurney and could see her body below. However, she also said she could see down the hall where two men, the father of her son and her current lover, were both standing, looking shocked. She remembers being puzzled by the fact that they simply stood there agape and made no movement to approach her. Her memory of the scene stopped at that point. In trying to corroborate her claims, we interviewed the two men. The father of her son could not recall the precise details of that particular incident, though his general account corroborated Nancy’s, but her lover, Leon, did recall it and independently confirmed all the essential facts of this event.”


Soul groups

Another very interesting area when discussing reincarnation is the idea of soul groups or soul families. The theory goes that when we incarnate we often do it in groups and we also change roles. I might be your husband in this lifetime and in the other one, I might be your brother or your wife. It is believed that we incarnate in groups in order to help each other and learn from each other and to clear karma. We also make those arrangements before we incarnate, who will do what role etc.

When analysing this idea, one really interesting case to look at is the story of David Wilcock. He is currently a well-known researcher in the fields of paranormal, ancient civilisations, UFO phenomenon, consciousness, esotericism and metaphysics and author of several books including New York Times bestseller –  The Source Field Investigations. In 2004 he co-authored the book titled – The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce the book explores the idea that Wilcock is a reincarnation of one of the most well known clairvoyants of the twentieth century  – Edgar Cayce. Cayce gave over 14.000 readings throughout his lifetime with some being well documented and extremely accurate. Wilcock believes that he is the incarnation of Cayce and his soul group was Cayce’s soul group. The most interesting thing is that there are undeniable facial similarities between both groups:

cayce wilcock

On the left Cayce on the right Wilcock

Here on the left you can see Cayce’s father and on the right Wilcock’s father:

squire wilcock

Here on the left you can see Gertrude Cayce – Edgar’s Wife and on the right David’s best female friend from college, Angelica:

gertrude angelica


Morton Blumenthal, Cayce’s friend and David’s very good friend Chris on the right:

chris morton


Edwin Blumenthal, Morton’s Brother: David’s best friend Jude:

edwin jude


Dr. Wesley Harrington Ketchum, who worked with Cayce in the early 1900s  and David’s brother:

ketchum wilcock

These are some of the people in Cayce’s and Wilcock’s life. Can this be a soul group reincarnating? In order to examine it further, we would have to analyse karmic patterns between their corresponding incarnations as well as astrological birth charts.

We know something about their astrological connections. Wilcock was born exactly 96 years after Cayce.  Both have been born in the year of Ox in Chinese Zodiac, this is one out of 12 chance (12 zodiac signs). In traditional zodiac they are also under the same sign – Pisces, they are born only 10 days apart, Wilcock’s date of birth is March 8th, 1973 and Edgar Cayce was born on March 18 1877.

Let us look at their birth charts:

birth chart

As astrologer Brian McNaughton points out: “In studying and practising the Divine science of Astrology for over twenty years, I have never seen such a remarkable re-convergence of the ‘personal’ planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars). The charts show a remarkable sameness between these two men beyond all chance or ‘coincidence’.

To conclude, the facial similarities are truly remarkable, if it was this alone it could be described as a “coincidence” but it is also happening with several of their closest friends and family members. You also have the birth charts that are also very much related and on top of it the same zodiac signs in two different types of astrology. This makes the whole case very compelling. Both are on top of their game in the field of metaphysics. However as Cayce was focusing a lot on readings, Wilcock moved away from them (he used to do them).  Taking into the account the advantages that modern technology allows us, he can have a much greater impact by sharing his ideas through the use of internet, books and other modern forms of media. And indeed, he made great use of modern tools to spread his knowledge and ideas.

Still despite all the evidence and all the documented cases many readers will remain sceptical, my recommendation for you is to go through the out of body experience yourself so you can see for yourself how it works. I’m not implying that you should go through the intentional near-death experience. There are many books about astral travelling and teaching techniques that can induce OBE state. I experimented with it many years ago and I managed to get out of the body. Just research how to do astral travelling online, there are many resources. Monroe Institute is one of the better known organisations educating and teaching people on this matter. The only issue is that the process of reaching OBE state can vary for different people, for some it might come very fast for others it can take weeks or even months, as in my case. It depends on the techniques you use and individual predispositions. Therefore it might require significant effort in some cases and a lot of self discipline.

Another way to “experience past lives” is to have a session with someone who does past life regression or can tune into past lives. I personally had past life session that included a form of hypnosis and regression with psychic insight and it led me to understand more about my life and some of the events that happened to me. As a teenager, I was in a relationship that lasted over 3 years and it ended up with my partner cheating on me with my close friend. During my past life session I learned that this was karmically connected with anothelifetimeme when our roles were opposite and I was apparently a female who cheated on a husband and now we swapped the roles and I paid the karma. There is more to this story and what I saw during my session that I can’t go into details here, but it is certainly really interesting. I can’t say you should believe in these stories but it is worth investigating and you might learn a lot about yourself or get some answers to some of the problems you face in this lifetime. I would like to introduce you to the person that I had the session with, her name is Raquel Rios and she is an intuitive psychic and coach. I had many sessions with her and I trust her guidance, you can only see these things working for yourself if you try them out. Before you do it you might remain sceptical which is totally understandable. I urge you to try learning about your own past lives and how it affects your current ones and if you want to learn more on how it works, you can contact Raquel here directly

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