The Wonderful Story Of Bree The Rooster And His Human Mom Camille


By Mayukh Sah

“Chickens”, “KFC”, “tastes great”, “dumb animals”, right? That’s all they are, no? Such a common creature, there can be no way they could do something to surprise you.

But this heart-warming tale of finding love, affection and understanding will leave you in tears.

Camille used to live in New York City and one day, on her way to work she found a lost chick. It was no more than five days old, and was either abandoned or simply lost.

Anyway, Camille understood that the little animal needed all the help it could get and decided to take it under her wing. Chicks are very sensitive creatures and Camille knew what she was going in for.

The little agitated baby seemed to immediately calm down in her hands as she scooped him in, and took him to work. And after a few hours, naturally she took him home with her.

His quirky personality made it very easy for her to fall in love with him, as he cuddled up inside her sweatshirt and fell asleep. She ended up fostering him.

Over time, the little guy grew totally domesticated. And what’s more, like all empathetic animals he knew when his mom needed him. Camille, for example, was feeling low and lying on the sofa when she saw him cuddling up and lying on top of her chest.

She realised this was a special kindred spirit bonded with her; after all, no one said that soulmates came in human form only.

As a chick, it is well-nigh impossible to sex chickens. But soon enough, Camille knew, thanks to Bree crowing one day. Bree was a rooster.

And here is where the story gets interesting and really touching. Roosters crow early in the morning, and make it hard for the city dwellers to contain said sound at dawn. New York City does not allow pet roosters within the city limits.

We have all read stories of how people abandon pets thanks to them being “inconvenient” to keep. Camille, on the other hand, decided to reject the city that made keeping her little feathered soulmate with her, illegal.

Now the human mother and her rooster son live outside the city, where he helps her weed out her gardens and gives her company all day long, cuddling up to her as she reads, sleeps and works around the office.

Life is a lot simpler when you have someone who understands you really deeply, despite not even understanding your words. And very few of us find companions like that, in our pets. In their own way of existence, they love us and show gratefulness for the affection they receive from us.

Yes, they make mistakes too. Sometimes they just grow too big, but think they are still young enough to jump around and just play the fool. This sometimes causes situations that can be unsavoury. But none of those things are unavoidable.

It never means we give up on them and just let them go, into a world that they are not used to, and would not survive either.

After all, they give us unconditional love. It would take a special kind of cruelty to subject them to abandonment after that.


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