The Way This Plumber Invoiced This 91 Year Old Lady After Fixing Her Boiler Is Priceless

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We live in a world where we often isolate people who are disabled or aged. It’s a sad truth. When people cross a certain age, they become ‘unproductive’. No – the isolation we are talking about it not the lack of care – it’s a lack of creating proper mental connections. Many of us would like to take care of the old people, but we do so, superficially. And if the going gets too tough, we just give up and take help from Old Age Homes or nurses.

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However, there are certain heroes who take care of these old age people with a difference. These heroes may not take care of them or talk to them – but they know their needs and ensure that they are met.

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Such a hero is James Anderson. He is a plumber in Burnley, Lancashire. But behind the plumber’s clothes, he wears a heart of gold.

He was called to an old woman’s house because of a plumbing problem. A big drama boiler was leaking. A 91-year-old woman was the only resident – Christine Anne Rowlands’ mother. She was suffering from terminal cancer.

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When the plumber did his work, the family asked for the invoice. It was a big repair and they knew the cost was going to be high. The plumber just smiled and mentioned that he would email them the invoice.

When the email came, Christine Anne Rowlands was shocked. The invoice total was £0. The kind James Anderson had waived off the entire fee which could have been about £480.

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It’s not the first time Anderson is performing such an act of kindness. Back in the year 2017, he set up Depher CIC, a non-profit organization, which performed free plumbing services – especially for people who were isolated. Seniors and disabled people were their chief target. The initiative has helped around 2000 people already.

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James Anderson is a hero whose song must be heard far and wide. Sometimes, he needs our help too. After running this free initiative for two long years, they had to shut down this initiative. If you want to help Anderson continue his good, you can visit this website.

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