The UK’s Biggest Mass Tree-Planting Campaign Needs 1 Million People To Plant Trees

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
There’s no doubt that we are in a climate emergency in this age. Deforestation is one of the causes that is propelling climate change on our planet. At this moment, we are in the middle of a big change – the change brought about by choice. It depends on us whether we become wiser and start
sustainable-living or continue down the path of destruction.

Woodland Trust is a charity that loves the planet too much and so, they are not going to just sit and watch as the planet goes down the path of destruction. The charity is asking volunteers to do their bit for the planet. Their plan is to start the biggest mass tree-planting event in the UK. Suitable lots have been prepared throughout the country and the date has been set – November 30th. On that day, the Big Climate Fightback campaign will begin which will bring one million people to fight for the planet. Many local groups have also been asked to come to the event. Permits have been taken to plant trees around different areas of land, outside school areas, and other properties. Even businesses have been keen to take part in this project, allowing their bit of land to be used for this purpose. People who do not have any land to spare can help out by scouting and finding lands where trees could be planted.

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By the year 2025, the charity wants to plant one tree per one person of the UK population. The trees will be of the native variety – birch, hawthorn, and oak. Writer Sandi Toksvig also wanted to join and plant a tree. She wants others to join her too. Climate change is a major issue and planting one humble tree can bring a major difference.

As per the Committee on Climate Change, the UK must have about 1.5 billion new trees by the year 2050 so that it can meet the zero-carbon target. The government plans to plan 5000 hectares/year in England but as of now, the planting process is quite far from the target.

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Only planting of trees will not be the entirety of the plans. It is important to take care of the trees and ensure that the trees
survive. Planting is not enough to cut down carbon emissions as well. It is important to cut down emissions properly and reduce the use of non-renewable resources. 

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A spokesperson working for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has said that they want to collaborate with these organizations like Woodland Trust and plant a lot more trees. They have already begun the creation of the Northern Forest with 50 million trees being planted from Liverpool to Hull. Two 60 million pounds of funds have been allocated to increase planting rates in cities and towns. 

English Tree Strategy will try to find out ways to accelerate the creation of woodlands in the countryside.

Image Credit: Pattanaphong Khaunkaew

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