The Skies In California Look Like Something Out Of An Apocalyptic Movie

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The ongoing pandemic is wreaking the lives of everyone around the globe already. Now Americans have another major event to deal with record-breaking wildfires spreading on the western side of the country. Unprecedented fire season is the cause behind these massive fires, which has turned the skies in California absolute orange in the middle of the day.

9th September 2020 was the first time Californians woke up to the scene that seemed to be out of an apocalyptic movie. Many witnesses compared the red skies in California to the scenes from ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and ‘Stranger Things’. 


The National Weather Service has announced Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Amazon as the critical zones. Many regions are surviving in hazardous air quality levels. Thousands of brave firefighters are continuously fighting to contain the fires raging across the dry forests. And if it was not apparent enough already, the whole situation is a result of climate change.

Kate Brown, the Governor of Oregon, was prompt to announce a wildfire emergency. Evacuations were started as well. California broke all previous records of wildfire as it remained under the warning of Red Flag. Jay Inslee, Washington Governor, mentioned that more acres had turned to ash on Labor Day itself “than in 12 of the last entire fire seasons in the state of Washington.”

Why are the skies in California red?

NASA explained that as the forests keep burning continuously at unprecedented rates, it is also releasing smoke at an unprecedented rate. This smoke blocks certain color wavelengths, which makes the skies in California change color.

The longer wavelengths of orange and red pass through. The shorter ones of blue, green, and yellow are blocked by the smoke particles. This results in the sky turning red or orange, irrespective of the time of the day. This phenomenon is also observed at sunset and sunrise, but that is because the sun is closer to the horizon. The atmosphere is thicker and the wavelengths travel further. 

The color of the skies is determined by how our eyes receive light. When the different wavelengths pass simultaneously, it appears as white light. But as the shorter wavelengths get blocked by the atmosphere or smoke particles in this case, only red and orange are perceived. The rest get scattered before reaching our eyes.

Here are some authentic reactions from those who witnessed the red skies in California.

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The massive scale of the California fires 2020 can be understood when we realize it was visible from space! On 6th September, scientists noticed a cloud of dust obscuring their readings.

Meteorologists don’t expect to see the sun for a few days. Residents have been instructed to avoid going out unnecessarily and stay at home. Windows and doors need to be closed, with air conditioners doing all the work.

Image credit: Reddit User RavenRosie

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