The Science Of Sound As Medicine

Science of sound

One of the most promising developments in the field of medicine and science can be found in what some may consider to be an unusual place: the vast, limitless world of sound. Scientists and Medical Professionals alike are beginning to both prove and understand what shamans, healers, monks and holistic practitioners have known for centuries: sound is medicine.

Recently on my podcast “A Voice for Love” I interviewed a remarkable young man named Madhu Anziani who found himself in the hospital as a tetraplegic (no usage of all 4 limbs) after falling off a balcony. He was told he would never walk again. However, he stunned the doctors and hospital staff by making a complete recovery. What made him different from someone else who found themselves in that predicament? As soon as he was able to make a sound, he began toning (singing long vowel sounds) and using the power of visualization to imagine the sound was healing his body. It worked.

Sound is so potent that it works on all the bodies: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Sound vibrates atoms and molecules. We have all experienced how hearing music can make us feel certain ways. Whether we realize it or not, we are employing sound therapy every time we listen to music to calm, energize, soothe or empower us. What we know now from a scientific perspective is that sound permeates to the very cellular level, which means the potential for healing with sound can extend to the deepest level, as is illustrated by the miraculous story of Madhu Anziani.

There can be much information extracted from the world of physics on how sound affects matter. Science also tells us that all things that exist have a vibration or frequency. Sound is measured using hertz, and sound healing works by determining or intuiting the resonant frequency of something or someone, and finding the appropriate frequency to create balance, alignment and healing.

Science offers detailed information about how resonance works. Everything has a resonant frequency that it naturally vibrates at. Resonance occurs when a strong vibration causes something else to vibrate. Science can explain resonance at the quantum level, and can measure the resonant frequency of any physical matter and scientifically find it’s resonant frequency. When something is vibrated at it’s resonant frequency it receives energy.

Have you ever seen a speaker blasting music and observed the pulsing of the parts of the speaker as the music plays? Especially if you crank up the volume? This is the power of sound and an example of audible frequencies – we can actually hear and see the sound expressing and even creating physical movement.

Science offers explanations about the power of both audible and inaudible frequencies – meaning we do not necessarily have to hear the sound in order for it to have an effect on us. An ultrasound is the most well known example of this and a device that many of us are familiar with. The ultrasound uses inaudible frequencies that vibrate above what the human ear can hear. Interestingly, ultrasound technology is similar to the echolocation used by bats, whales and dolphins, as well as SONAR used by submarines.

This is a vast topic that has unlimited possibilities and it seems as though we will see many advancements in both medicine and science in the future using sound to heal and bring balance to all kinds of conditions that affect the body, mind and spirit. For your own observation and knowledge, I invite you to observe how certain sounds affect you and make choices to surround yourself with sounds that make you feel happy, relaxed and peaceful. Using sound frequencies for healing offers promising developments across a wide spectrum – whether you’re a science nut or a woo-woo type, there is something here for everyone to explore.

By Elise Surya / Truth Theory

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