The Original 91-Year-Old Gerber Baby Meets The New One In A Precious Photo


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

In the year 1928, Ann Turner Cook became the first Gerber baby after artist Dorothy Hope Smith sent a charcoal sketch to the contest. The 2018 Gerber baby Lucas Warren was selected after scanning almost 140,000 entries. Both their place in the brand’s heritage is iconic as Cook was the first Gerber baby and Lucas the first one with Down Syndrome.

The adorable photograph of Cook with Lucas, the 2018 Gerber Baby, was posted by Chris Collin, Cooks’ grandson on Twitter. The Warren family went on a holiday to Florida and met the original Gerber Baby. Lucas’ parents were pleasantly surprised how well he bonded with the 91-year-old Cook. Lucas broke into his cherubic smile, waved his hands, and walked to Cook almost immediately, according to his parents Cortney and Jason. The fact that Lucas felt comfortable was established when he took two cookies and even gave her one. With a nine-decade gap between the two, their picture shows the same heartwarming smile and lustrous eyes that is the mark of a Gerber baby.

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The photo was shared by the brand on Instagram and it went viral. The twitter thread brought together a lot of people who have been associated with Gerber in some way or the other. Some commented on how they were a part of the original campaign, some fondly recalled the work they had done for the company, while another user wrote how George Jerabek, her late grandfather, did the lithography on the Gerber baby.

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Commenting on Gerber’s historic move on choosing Warren to represent them, president and CEO Bill Partyka said that he exemplified the brand’s heritage and fit perfectly. The cute picture of the two Gerber babies has won the hearts of many and indeed it was “#HistoryMade”.

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