The More Coffee You Drink, The Longer You Live, According To New Study

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By Mayuk Saha

Ever been called names for haunting the coffee machine too much at work? Ever fell asleep with your face on your keyboard the day the machine was out of order?
Ever had the store guy look at you because you are buying your third jar this fortnight?

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Well, I have. And you know what?
No regrets.
Coffee is an instant pick me up and if I don’t get my Joe every morning, I just lose it. I won’t be able to work and I will be cranky all day.
It is the caffeine, that bitter alkaloid present naturally in coffee beans that make it such an invigorating drink.
And it is quite the cultural thing. You can literally, if you are a conneuisseur like me, tell someone’s ethnicity or origin by having them make you a cup of coffee.
Wherever man has been he has taken his coffee and today it is one of the biggest cash crops in the world.
There are literally fazendas as big as cities in Central and South America, where most of the world’s Joe is farmed. Some of the biggest corporations of the world depend on it.
And what is more, a new research has shown that this awesome thing, a true lifesaver, can actually make you live longer. And yes, the more you drink the better in this case. which covers some really interesting news, is quoted:
“The National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, and the Feinberg School of medicine at Northwestern University recently analyzed coffee-drinking data from the UK Biobank, a long-term study of half a million people in the U.K. aged 38 to 74.”
Drinking coffee in moderation is instrumental to health, but drinking it in larger than usual quantities can actually make you healthier.
The study does not simply attribute good healthy lives with increased coffee drinking; this would cause a lot of peripheral factors to come into play, for example, rich people afford better and more coffee and not to mention healthcare, which is why they live longer.
This study actually found links between coffee drinking and decreased percentages of risk of diseases like cancer.
To quote the Inc:
A 20% reduced risk of cancer.
A 20% reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes.
A 30% reduced risk of Parkinson’s disease.
A 5% reduced risk of heart disease.
So the million-dollar question: how much coffee are we talking about?
And trust me that was my first question too, given the coffee maniac I am.
The study revealed that the limit would be till 8 cups a day.
That’s a damned lot of coffee.

But, word of warning:
Coffee is still a no-no for pregnant ladies.
Additives in processed coffee can cause issues.

Moreover, despite the benefits, too much coffee can give you the creeps. It obviously kills sleep and over a long period of time your body gets used to not sleeping, which can cause insomnia.

So, one, drink fresh and natural coffee. And two, keep it to four cups max.

Peace yo.
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