The Heartwarming Reason Customers Are Buying Out This Donut Shop Each Day

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By Amanda froelich

Sometimes, you just need a break. And, this is exactly what donut lovers (and good samaritans) in Orange County, California, are doing for John and Stella Chhan, the owners of Donut City.

In 1979, the entrepreneurs moved to the United States as Cambodian refugees. Since then, they’ve worked together each day to serve delicious donuts to the public. Unfortunately, Stella recently became ill. Once customers learned of this fact, they made it a personal mission to buy dozens of donuts at a time — all so the duo can spend more time together.

“Hey come and support this guy’s donuts,” one customer said, flashing a thumbs up sign. “He’s a great man, great cause.”

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As Stella recovers from an anuerism, it’s helpful to John to know that the business is still thriving. Plus, the sooner the shop sells out of donuts, the sooner John can rush home and help his wife who is slowly regaining her strength. Said Chhan, “She can talk, she can write. Right now she’s trying to start…eat something.”

Though patrons offered to set up a Go Fund Me for the couple, John refused. That’s why customers decided to buy out the donut shop each day. It’s a win-win: compassionate folks get a sweet treat for their consideration and John and Stella get to spend more time together.

The shop is gaining new customers each day due to word-of-mouth on Stella’s condition. Reportedly, folks are encouraging others to “buy a dozen at a time.” Said one unidentified customer: “It’s a blessing really. We need more people like that to just help everybody out in whatever need they have.”

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Source: CBS News Local

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