The Embodiment Of Divine Feminine


By Luke Miller / Truth Theory

Tuesday evening (UK Time) and Wednesday have been 2 of the most energetically dense days experienced in a long time. This is the collective energy of the planet bringing to the surface that which is in need of purging. Sometimes when these energies surface it can leave us feeling helpless and stagnant, but times are changing rapidly and as a collective we have the capability to purge that which is less desirable. We are moving from a state of low vibration, to high vibration and as the process continues we will get less and less dense.

Those who have been doing the necessary internal work will have cultivated the tools to be able to sit in the more dense states without absorbing it and allowing it to drag us down. Anyone can also move into this higher state at anytime by the process of pure surrender.

We now have the capability to transmute unserving energies for the collective by sending unconditional love and light towards them. This is not something we do with force, but with a gentle touch of femanine energy. We have been living in an unhealthy masculine dominated society some time now, and it is now time to go from history (his story) to ourstory. Society has not just been masculine dominant, but also feminine oppressive, and this is apparent for those with eyes to see. This starts with the more obvious events like which hunts, but also to this day, in the fact that it is predominantly masculine traits such as productivity and output that have been used as a measure of success in society.

The feminine energy as an archetypal force is now starting to rise and bring about equilibrium, and while femininity is more subtle than masculinity, ultimately it is an unstoppable force that can no longer be oppressed.

What this means in terms of the current energy is less force and more flow, less brute strength and more agility, as this is exactly what is needed in the transmutation of the more dense energies. We don’t fight fire with fire, we pray for rain and she comes when enough of us believe she will.

Send unconditional love to the Earth and all its inhabitants as a collective. You can do this in prayer or visualisation or however it feels natural. Again it is a masculine trait to want to have the instructions of how exactly we do a specific task, whereas the femanine is intuitive and in flow. The next few days are a portal for transmutation of dense energy, and the more people that participate the more this feeling of unconditional heart centered love will radiate.

Call on Mary Magdalene and the planetary force of Venus and know that whatever it is we are facing personally (and collectively), we can transmute it through love. The personal and collective shadows are real, but done are the days of running from them in fear, the moment we choose to be free we will be and in the long term our external circumstances will not be the measure of our internal peace.

Have a blessed day and never underestimate the power your life story has to be a source of inspiration to the world.

Image Credit Left: ‘The High Priestess’ by Noctique (@noctique) Center: ‘The High Priestess’ by Chance and the Arrow Right: ‘La Papessa’, Artist Unknown


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