The Difference Between Meditation And Spirituality

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Meditation the foundations for good health? This is something I have said in the past in some of my videos and courses. It is partially true, because meditation does build strong foundations for you. Think of it like this-

Meditation is a moment for stillness, a moment when you empty your mind and connect with something significant. Think of this connection like the roots of a plant, each time you meditate you are watering the plants. You meditate for a week your small roots are starting to sprout out and give you a little more stability, you meditate for a month and deeper still they go into the ground.

As you embody this lifestyle the roots go deeper and deeper, until finally you are a strong tree that simply bends with the wind. Occasionally you may lose a branch or have to shed your leaves with the season, but foundationally you are strongly rooted in the ground! You are this tree and meditation is your watering can.

So in a sense meditation will help you build your foundations, but ultimately it is your spiritual health that will be built by meditation. So maybe it would be better put to say spirituality is the foundations for good health!

So what is the difference between the meditation and spirituality?

Meditation is a spiritual act or something that allows you to connect spiritually, whereas spirituality is an umbrella in which meditation sits under.

Spirituality on an individual level is the essence of a person, those inclinations you have, the activities you feel drawn to and the pain that is caused if you sacrifice on this essence. That is all your spiritual health at work.

Have you ever had a moment when you know deep within you you should not do something, you do it and it causes significant pain and suffering? That is your internal guidance system (intuition) which we all have trying to guide you and you going against that guidance.

To improve your spiritual health you will need stillness of body and mind, when you allow your body and mind to be still for extended periods of time your essence shines through. There are many ways to achieve this stillness of mind, but by far the most simple and accessible way is through meditation.

Meditation is both the most difficult and the most simple thing you can do, it is a paradox. All you have to do is sit, breathe and focus on the life force of that breathe. But if you are not comfortable being with yourself you will struggle to get started, this is why people find meditation so difficult, it has little to do with the mental chatter, an inability to focus and finding the time, and more to do with finding it uncomfortable connecting with your essence.

You can overcome this with practice, commitment and dedicating yourself to one of the most beneficial habits there is. Meditation will connect you to your inner self, your essence and your truth. Once you go down the rabbit hole with meditation you will find comfort and the ability to accept yourself as you are instead of trying to live out someone else’s ideals!

So is meditation the foundations for good health? No spirituality is, but meditation can be the foundations of your spiritual health and once you build up these strong foundations nothing will be able to bring you down!

I am Luke Miller the author of this article and creator of Potential For Change. I believe that spirituality is the foundation for good health and like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life. You can get a copy of Zen Week my free meditation and personal development course by clicking here!

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