The Day ‘Money Fell Out The Sky’ – Meteorite Fragments Valued Up To $26,000 Rain Down In Brazil

Expensive MEteorite

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

Fragments from a meteorite drew thousands of people to a small town in Brazil, hoping to cash in on selling the space rocks.

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The pieces of meteorite fell on August 19 in Santa Filomena, northeastern Brazil. The area, in Pernambuco state, is a bean planting region.

News spread quickly about the celestial event and people flocked to the area in the hope of finding, and later selling a piece of the ancient meteorite.

As many as 200 pieces were recovered, with the biggest one weighing 40kg and reportedly valued at around $26,000.

For locals, $26,000 is said to be the equivalent of about 10-years salary. They’ve been referring to the event a miracle and the day ‘money fell from the sky’.

The meteorite is 4.6 billion years old

It is thought that the meteorite is a rare chondrite, dating back over 4.6 billion-years all the way to the origins of the Solar System.

Chondrites are small to medium-sized asteroids that never belonged to a larger body and have therefore not undergone melting or planetary differentiation.

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Meteorito 😱

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An asteroid is a small rocky object which moves around the Sun. Meteoroids are a smaller piece of an asteroid or comet – which burns up when entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Near-Earth asteroids have orbits which pass close to that of Earth. As of June 2016, it was known that there are 14,464 near-Earth asteroids in existence. Ranging from nearly 1000 km down to rocks just one meter in diameter.

The dwarf planet Ceres is the biggest asteroid with a diameter of 940km.

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IMAGE FEATURED: Vadim Sadovski

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