The Cafeterias At These Schools Packages Unused Food As Take-Home Meals For kids

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

While we may not be aware of it, there are thousands of people who still go hungry in our society. The worst thing is that there are children who face the torment of hunger. However, the inequality of wealth and resources in our society has made food a privilege for one and an unrealized dream for another. Still, as a society, we are working to make this privilege to be more equally distributed. We are trying to make food a necessity that everybody has access to and not a privilege for some.

There are many ways in which we can make food accessible to others. One of the ways is through food rescue. What is it? Generally, in many schools, catering services or food business, a lot of food is produced and a large part of it is not consumed. It generates waste which is disposed of. Food rescue means rescuing this excess food and delivering it to the needy.

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For example, Natalie Bickel, who works with the student services, mentions that she has seen a lot of food gets wasted. However, the food is quite good and not spoiled – it is just in excess. As a responsible school, they really want to put the food in good use.

Well, that’s why an Indiana school district has come forward with the idea of ‘food rescue’. In schools, students can get their fill after having their morning breakfast and a nourishing lunch. While their weekdays are covered, the weekends pose a problem. During weekends, many of the students do not get their full meal. Many starve or have any food they come across, eventually leading to an unhealthy diet. Many of them just wait for the school to reopen so that they can again get food.

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Hence, Elkhart Schools decided to partner up with a non-profit organization named Cultivate. They provide meals during weekends to needy people by utilizing the unconsumed food. By rescuing discarded food from different organizations like school systems or food businesses, they make frozen meals suitable for one individual. That way, they can preserve the food and make them last longer. And when the Woodland Elementary School closes for the week on Friday, they hand over 8 individual frozen meals to twenty students. 

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Of course, the students are delighted at this prospect. Finally, they have to wait for school to reopen for education, not just for food. They can have their fill during weekends too. Proper – amazing food.

The Elkhart school system is quite happy with the progress they have made with this food distribution system. They hope to soon expand and maybe, other schools will join their food program too.

IMAGE CREDIT: Woodlawn Elementary School.

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