The Annual X-Rays of This Zoo’s Animals Are Amazing to Look At [Photos]


By Amanda Froelich

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget just how amazing planet Earth and her inhabitants are. Thanks to the Oregon Zoo, it’s also easy to remember. After obtaining annual X-Rays of some of their charges, the Oregon Zoo shared a few of the stunning photos with Twitter.

Note: the pictures were actually shared last year but are circulating again — just in time for spooky Halloween.

As you can see, the images offer a different perspective on some of our favorite animals. For instance, the beautiful Toucan with her colorful feathers and playful beak looks eerily like a dinosaur when X-Rayed. And, X-Rays of a ball python almost look like geometric art from afar.

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In a statement, the zoo disclosed that all of the animals in captivity receive an annual checkup. They are weighed, checked over by veterinarians, and X-rayed using a state-of-the-art scanner that can accommodate animals up to the size of an elephant. Because of this groundbreaking technology, they can study animals without needing to sedate them for a long time.

How do you X-ray a 320-pound Amur tiger? “Very carefully, of course,” zoo staff answered.

The images are later shared with other zoos and animal care centers. Every now and again, they are also posted to social media.

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