Terrifying VR Allows You To Virtually Walk An 80 Story Plank (Video)

By Luke Miller / Truth Theory

With the recent rise in Virtual Reality, we are now seeing the technology being used to create simulated environments for entertainment purposes. When the VR experience is combined with sensory stimulation, you can create the illusion that you are in a terrifying environment, without physical danger.

This video really captures the essence of this experience with a VR game that allows you to walk an 80 story plank.  

The video tagline reads:

You’re on a plank, 80 stories high. Knees shaky, palms sweaty. You have a choice. Do you walk or do you freeze? If you’re brave enough try pressing 666 in the elevator.

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The experience is being provided by DNAVR in London and has a total of 29 experiences to choose from. The custom-built VR booths include sensory stimulation which include heat, wind, rumble, and scent. As well as walking the plank you can climb Mount Everest, fight a zombie apocalypse and even compete in a boxing match.

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