Target Allocates $300 Million To Give Workers Raises And Paid Leave

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Target has become the latest retail supermarket to ensure that their workers are getting raises and paid leaves for their continued efforts in managing the stores. The workers have to go amidst the flow of panic-stricken customers to arrange the shelves and manage the accounts, which deserves some remuneration at the least.

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This retailer, with its base in Minneapolis, has decided to increase the minimum wages of all 350,000 employees under it from $13 to $15 an hour. This wage hike would be in place till May 2nd and would ensure that workers get paid at least $250 to $500 more.

With the allocation of $300 million, this retail supermarket would also see to it that 20,000 of their hourly managers at different departmental stores throughout the USA would find themselves with a bonus ranging from $250 to $1500.

Target is third on the list after Walmart and Amazon to promise higher wages for their workers in these times of duress. In fact, the initiative has strictly been taken because these workers are risking their lives while ensuring that customers find emergency products on the shelves, or delivered to their houses. Also, Amazon has claimed to recruit close to 150,000 temporary workers in its various establishments, while Target has decided to recruit around 100,000 workers in its departments.

Brian Cornell, Target’s CEO recently mentioned in an interview that a wage hike was the least the company could do in the face of such a global pandemic. With the workers risking their lives daily to ensure that others can survive peacefully, it feels like the correct thing to do- to make sure that they are properly compensated for the hours they put in.

The initiatives don’t stop there. The company would also ensure that people above the age of 60, or people with a medical condition, along with pregnant women, can take paid leaves that go up to 30 days. Also, people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus, or are asked to be under self-quarantine too can take a paid leave under such dire circumstances.

Amongst the budgeted $300 million, $10 million would go to several charities and a million to workers most hit by the pandemic. Target would also make sure that most of this allocation reaches charities and NGOs like Feeding America and UNICEF.

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With such initiatives taking place throughout most corporations, one can safely deduce America’s reliance on them for its survival. Canned foods, sanitary products, medical products, etc., don’t exactly come in cheap, and these corporations like Target are working in overtime to ensure that people aren’t bereft of it.

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