Talent Means Nothing- Discover The 7 Secrets To Real Success

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What is success? It is something that could be defined in many ways, for some of you it’s money in the bank, for others it’s spending time doing what you love and for others it’s defined by what you give to the world.

For me success equates to living life on my terms, while giving more than I take from the world. But think of this article as being written for you and however you define success.

One of the things that people often liken to success is talent, but here’s the thing- talent rarely brings success. If fact quite often the opposite is the case- Talent hinders success and lack of talent motivates someone to be successful through sheer hard work.

This is obviously not always the case, but brings me on to the first thing that anyone who wants to be successful needs to show bags of-


You ask any person you look up to and call successful what their journey has looked like. I am sure you will find it is scattered with failures and setbacks, and even as you continue the challenges will never stop.

Your journey is going to be full of these moments, moments when you feel like quitting, moments when all signs point to things going well and they don’t and moments when you completely mess things up for yourself.

You need to be determined and not give up at the first sign of failure if you are going to have any chance of success. Sometimes you won’t know exactly how you will get there but having that grit and determination will ensure that no matter how hard it gets, you will make it.


Determination is great, but if you have no belief it can slowly dwindle and you will quickly conform to the status quo. Faith is an attitude which can be strengthened by practice, so you should get into the habit of believing in yourself, because that is half the battle.

If you support a mediocre sports team you will probably have developed this attitude of faith, where your team finishes mid table or nearly gets there every year and just misses out. Year after year you still turn up to support them because you have faith that one day they will make it. Every once in a while they do something great and all the trials and tribulations of supporting them is worthwhile.

Like determination, faith alone will not get you anywhere, in fact on its own it can do more harm than good. But if you team faith and determination with the rest of the tips in this article you will be well on your way to creating a life of success and accomplishment.


Learn your craft and always be seeking to learn more- Take courses, read books, watch documentaries, network with smart people and explore related topics to the ones you are trying to master.

Get an edge and look in places other people may not, become detective like and always be on the hunt for fresh and ground-breaking information.

Never become so sure of yourself that you think you do not need to learn anymore and always be a student.

Even if you are learning from those who know less than you, there is always an opportunity for growth. When you stop and listen for a while it is surprising what you will learn, even if you are just learning to be more tolerant, it is worth your while.

Never think you have become too smart to learn more, as this attitude will hinder your chances. I will say it again, always remain a student as education is king of the jungle and you are just a tiger cub!


Your failures along your journey will be your fault or at least partly your fault. You need to be able to evaluate these moments with honesty without bruising your ego.

Get into the habit of being honest with yourself and with others, if you find yourself in confrontation with someone try to look at things objectively and take as much responsibility as you need to.

Excuses and complaints will be detrimental to anything you try to achieve, if you miss a gym session, take a day off work or eat 3 Krispy Cream donuts it doesn’t have to be a big deal, but it is still your responsibility. Be honest with yourself and with others if you want to have any chance of growth!


As if being determined, having faith and keeping yourself honest is not enough, there will be more challenges.

If you want something, life will usually ask you “How much do you want this?” and you must answer with your actions.

Embrace the challenges that life throws at you, because when you do magic starts to happen- You may not get what you aim for this time or the next time or even the next hundred times, but if you keep on knocking on the door eventually you will be given what you ask for.

Just make sure you are asking for the right things!


Consistency is a habit and you can be consistently good, consistently bad or consistently mediocre. It’s your choice. But if you want to create a successful life you need to get into the habit of being consistently good.

If you want success in your field, take a pen and paper and write down just 3 things that if you do every day will yield success.

Then do these 3 things every day, consistently until you are where you want to be. It doesn’t need to be complicated, just consistent and relevant to you moving forward.


This is a big one, because if you have all the other skills mastered but you are unclear on what it is you are asking for, you can end up becoming a success in the wrong area.

It is hard to give up on something you have built from scratch, so try your hardest to be as clear as you possibly can on what you want.

Connect to your values and see if what you are perusing is actually connected to what it is you stand for. If it isn’t find something that is, because you only get one life, so don’t spend it doing something that doesn’t resonate with you deeply!

It can be hard to be 100% crystal clear on what it is you want, because over time you change, grow and move in different directions. The aim is to get as clear as you possibly can, then proceed towards the life of your dreams!

The reason I choose to put clarity in the last part of this article is because that is the next step you can take right now.

Write down a list of the things that are important to you, but what will really help you to get clear is the reason why these things are important to you.

So if your job is important to you- why is it important? Is it the Stability it brings? Or the challenge it offers? Or the education it gives you?

These answers will be your core values that can help you gain clarity, so you can build your life around them!

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