Suspected Poachers Caught Posing With Corpse Of Rare Clouded Leopard


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Humans need to do better — not just to feel better about themselves, but to improve the quality of life for all beings who inhabit Earth. Unfortunately, the opposite continues to occur around the world. For instance, in Tampin, the western Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan, a rare leopard was killed for no apparent reason.

In the photographs below, a group of unidentified men take turns posing with the corpse of a rare clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa). According to LAD Bible, the big cat had been killed in its natural habitat.

As the body is handed around, the men laugh and celebrate their unearned “victory.” According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)’s Red List, the rare clouded leopard is considered “vulnerable.” This means the species is threatened with extinction.

Social media user ‘Max Mantra’ shared the photos. The images were supposedly taken in Tampin. Soon after they were uploaded, the images were deleted. However, fellow activist ‘Siva Nadarajan’ captured screenshots which he later posted to a Facebook hiking group.

According to Nadarajan, the men in blue uniforms (one is wearing an orange beret) were from the Malaysian Civil Defense Force. He wrote that he tried to call the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsuar Malaysia, but the government organization told him that “everyone has gone home.” As a result, he could not make a complaint. It is unknown whether or not he tried to report the poachers again.


Over the past century, nearly 500 species have gone extinct. If future generations are to inherit a world that is bursting with diversity and is capable of nourishing all species, modern-day humans need to simplify, reuse and recycle, and support initiatives which reduce pollution, protect endangered species, and reduce humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels.

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