Surgeon Reveals How Horrifying The Human Lungs Look After 30 Years Of Smoking


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A shocking video uncovering the lungs of a heavy smoker has yet again shown how terrible it is to smoke. It is now common knowledge that cigarettes are bad for you. However, there are still minors and adults who do not take the right effort to stop smoking. In China, studies released by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention have shown that 26.6 percent of the population just above 15 years of age engage in smoking. The WHO has repeatedly warned about the ill effects of smoking. However, there seems to be no respite.

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Last year, a horrifying image circulated the internet – two lungs placed side by side. One of the lungs was of a person who had never smoked and the other of a chain smoker. One of the lungs was red in color while the other looked charcoal black.  

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It has been reported that due to smoking, lung cancer causes 90% of the deaths, COPD causes 80%, and heart disease contributes to 17%. There have been studies which show that people who smoke die 10 years earlier than people who don’t

From the above Chinese statistics, it’s clear that China loves to smoke. But the heart transplant video is sure to send shivers down your spine. During an organ transplant, Dr. Chen Jingyu got hold of the lungs of a chain smoker for 30 years. When the doctor’s team at Wuxi People’s Hospital saw the lungs, they had to reject it. It did not matter that the person died of brain death or that the person was kind enough to donate the organs. The organ seemingly belongs to a man and it was rejected due to bullous lung disease, pulmonary emphysema, and lung calcification. The lungs were black in color – not the familiar pink we see in Biology books.


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Dr. Chen mentions that such is the condition of every heavy smoker’s lungs. He warned that such lungs cannot be used for organ transplants. For example, the late person in question here had his oxygenation index tests come out fine, but after the harvest, the condition of the lungs made the doctors reject it. Since China loves to smoke, the lungs of smokers can be transplanted but there will be strict standards set. Minor forms of infection and almost clean X-Rays will keep the organ transplantable. However, if the condition of the lungs is as shown in the video, it will not be allowed for transplant.


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