Are You Suffering From Spiritual Sickness?

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BLuke Miller Truth Theory

There is a strong held belief within many spiritual communities that we are here for a very specific reason, and our life purpose is to find that reason and carry it out. The thought is we choose our incarnation and all the surrounding details, such as parents, family, job and lessons that are needed to realise why we are here. We then incarnate many times until we manage to find the right circumstances that will help us fulfil this role. Then…… we ascend, go to heaven, reach the pearly white gates, move to another planet/dimension or place of our next choosing.

Do you ever get the feeling that you are supposed to do something and you end up kicking yourself for missing the opportunity. It feels as if the universe lined up the perfect opportunity, at the perfect time and you decided to ignore it? Then, the more you ignore it, the more it seems to pop up, until it becomes so glaringly obvious that you need to take the opportunity presented.

This could be a person you feel you should spend time with. A spiritual practice such as Yoga or meditation you feel you should look into. A creative project that you should make a priority. Or a new healthy habit such as waking up early or good nutrition that you should practice. Sometimes eventually we follow the lessons and our lives improve 10 folds and at others the opportunity eventually stops knocking and passes us by.

With this in mind, there is also the idea of spiritual sickness. This can happen when something is so strong that letting it pass by is just not an option. The sometimes confusing part of our purpose and roll here can come as a result of our thoughts- our heart knows deep down what we need, but our head can be manipulated into thinking otherwise. The most obvious example of this is the 9-5 culture we have, which dictates that we need to work most of our lives, generally doing work we are not happy doing, to buy things off people who literally just declared all things that should be a human right (shelter, food and water) for sale. Deep within ourselves we know this is not even remotely fair, yet most people silence their heart and turn their backs on opportunities that are inline with their higher purpose.

This denying of our identity leads to living out of sync, which in turn causes us to make bad decisions and become unhealthy. If you think of the spirit as the collective consciousness which contains the essence of ALL from the universal to the microscopic, our soul (which translates as single) is our own individual piece of that consciousness. And while this is still a part of us, there is often a split that occurs from our human form and our soul. This can often lead our human form astray from that which we are supposed to be doing, however, our soul will always be there trying to connect through our heart and redirect us back to our purpose. For some we can become so disconnected from our soul that we fail to hear it, for others the soul is never silenced, but just ignored. But those who listen or attempt to tune in with their highest potential will be led and directed in the most mystical and beautiful of ways.

I think it is very telling that heart disease is the biggest killer year in, year out, as we are so disconnected collectively to our hearts. And death from diseases such as cancer have risen in line with the human population becoming cancerous to the planet. It is as if our collective impact on the planet is being reflected back within our bodies. It could be argued that all sickness could internally or externally be spiritual in nature, however, I will move back to us as individuals and how we can prevent and recover from sickness that is due to us living outside of our purpose.

Silence The Mind

Many are put off by the idea of meditation due to the clutter in their mind when they start to practice. However, this is what your mind is unconsciously processing every day. When you meditate you bring the unconscious into the conscious and this can often be looking at how messy your thoughts have become. If you think of your mind as a room that has not been  tidied for your entire life. The meditation is the starting to tidy, obviously if there is a lifetime of mess it will take a while to clean up, but eventually you will get clear. If you stop tidying, it will become a mess again, so it is important to keep it clean every day. Once we do this it silences the mind and allows the heart/soul to speak more clearly.

Follow The Clues

Life is scattered with clues about who we are and what we should do. This comes in the form of ideas simultaneously being cued by the universe with a synchronicity. The right people showing up in the right moment. Or becoming sick because we continue to deny ourselves. Clues are also the things we felt drawn to as children, before we started to feel the influence of others.

If something feels right deep within your gut, follow it, if it feels wrong walk away!  


Life can often become all to serious, laughter is genuinely the best remedy for this. Hang out with people and do things which make you belly laugh as much as you possibly can. Laughter (when not at the expense of others) is a beautiful medicine.

Love With Everything You Have (Including Yourself)

Self love, allows you to radiate outwards, look for the good in you, accept your flaws and forgive your mistakes. Show compassion to those who have upset you and forgive everything. Love with every piece of your soul and make it clear to the universe that you want to be around people who also treat you this way. Love yourself so much that being mistreated by others or yourself are just non negotiable. This will lead you to the final point!  

Do What You Love!

If you have not found it yet, find it!

If you have found it, do it!

If you are doing it, keep doing it!

If it is not possible to always do it, do it a little to start with!

Do what you love!

Do what you love!

Do what you love!

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