Study Finds Office Workers Swear Approximately 55 Times A Week

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Monday mornings and office – this is probably the most frustrating and boring start to a sentence. You might have already seen the memes about the Monday Morning Blues and broke a sad smile as you relate to it too damn well. There is no motivation that can push you through that Monday workload excepting the ‘fingers crossed, Friday is going to come in 4 more days’. So, you keep your mouth shut and start typing away for the Friday to come in soon.

But some people like to break out their frustration in the form of dropping F-bombs and other unique swears. They don’t like to keep themselves closed. You may know one or two of them in your office. Well, statistics done by 4com says that an average office worker can swear about a whopping 55 times in an entire week. Woof – that’s quite a doozy.

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We won’t deny – there are loads of things that happen in the office that justifies swearing. Maybe the coffee machine stops working or the USB plug gets misplaced. Or if you are working on Word, it might suddenly stop responding for a few minutes. Yep, those are just fuel to the fire that’s raging in you to meet your deadlines. You might be a quiet one who suppresses your anger but you might probably hear the typing speed of some colleague growing louder and ending with a crash. Don’t cringe if you hear a load of ear-bleeding expletive echoing through the office floor

As per the survey by 4com, British workers have reported hearing at least 11 swear words from their colleagues in the course of a single day. Around 11% or more than 1 in 10 confessed that they hear over 25 expletives every day. When asked if they use expletives in office, 25% or a quarter said that they don’t put in an effort to restrain themselves while 1 in 8 or 12% mentioned they don’t try to hide their expletives. Only about 1 in 5 or 19% mentioned that they keep things low and don’t swear in front of colleagues

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However, as per Dr. Jo Gee from Luna Hive, swearing can be cathartic and can act as a stress reliever. It can even be a marker of honesty. Sometimes, swearing can be a way to bring attention to someone or some people might even do it for the thrill of it. While we often have negative attitudes towards swears, putting it under the label of anger, it can very well be a joke. However, there are offensive swears as well which involve sexual language, vulgar terms, and animal names – which need to be controlled in the workplace.

As per the statistics, about 28% of the swears come from workers in middle management like line managers or supervisors. Admin staff and entry-level workers take up second place at 18%. The most polite bunch is the catering staff at 1% while interns show up at their very best – 3% being their maximum.

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