Studio Roosegaarde Uses “Light Recipes” To Show How Agriculture Could Be More Sustainable

Light Recipe

Studio Roosegaarde revealed their ‘light recipes’ recently. They introduced a way to grow approximately 20,000 square meters of light installation that has been designed especially for the purpose of focusing on the beauty and necessity of agriculture along with a positive improvement in the growth of crop production.

Studio Roosegaarde is a studio based in Rotterdam and is founded and designed by Dan Roosegaarde. The studio makes use of blue as well as ultraviolet rays of lights in order to transform a particular field into an active and dynamic piece of artwork.


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Besides these innovative techniques, they are also developing a spectacular visual which will function as an installation for the purpose of acting as a model for demonstrating the manner in which some light recipes might be utilized. These light recipes will be helping in increasing the growth of plants along with the decrease in the usage of pesticides by almost 50 percent.


Netherland Inspired Light Recipe

Some of the preliminary ideas for this project appeared soon after Roosegaarde made a visit to a farm early in the morning one fine day. Roosegaarde has repeatedly confessed that he is an urbanite and would not pretend to be otherwise. He also informed that he did spend little time in the exploration of the agricultural landscape in the Netherlands and was completely smitten and overwhelmed with his experience there.

Even though the Netherlands is comparatively a small country, the nation produces the highest amount of vegetables in the entire world. They rank 2nd just after the US and have consolidated their contribution by developing themselves as the pioneer of some extremely efficient techniques of farming.

Exciting to share: our new 20,000m2 dreamscape GROW highlights the beauty of agriculture.

GROW shines across a huge…

Posted by Studio Roosegaarde on Tuesday, 19 January 2021


Roosegaarde further mentioned that they considered that they must concentrate on the splendor of this kind of agriculture. They also realized that although urban people are unable to see it the vast plots of land feed the entire population on the planet.

Soon after, Roosegaarde realized the advancements in the technology of photobiological lighting or light recipe. Research indicates that some arrangements of light might be able to create resistance against both diseases and pests as well as strengthen the metabolism of the plants.

Despite the fact that greenhouses make extensive use of light recipes, Roosegaarde understood that this is a great prospect to test the potential on a larger scale. He explained that a particular UV light activates the system of resistance in plants. Furthermore, it is interesting to understand the mechanism of light recipes on crops. This is extremely effective in reducing pests.


Benefits Of Light Recipe

Pesticides are very harmful to biodiversity which is a crucial element of sustainability. The decline of pesticides will be greatly beneficial to our environment. Studio Roosegaarde developed ‘Grow’ with the help of high-density LEDs placed at various positions in the field. The devices are flexible for an even distribution of light all over the field.

Light Recipe

While the lights move and create movement patterns, it is hypnotic to watch the light recipes come alive. The whole process is futuristic and romantic.

This effect is like a few of the other big installations created by Roosegaarde earlier including Waterlicht that imitates the process of Northern Lights to focus on the flood plains.

Grow project is for a larger audience and the designer intends to make it global with various light recipes customized for different crops. His aim is to assist in speeding up the science of agriculture along with making it accessible to farmers worldwide. Roosegaarde stated that light is not a decoration but essential for the future of agricultural science. Rabobank commissioned Grow and they will fund a 40-country tour to promote Grow.

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