Students At This Schools Earns PE Credits For Doing Yard Work For The Elderly And People With Disabilities

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

At the school of Alternative Learning Center (ALC), Iowa, students are exposed to a unique opportunity. Currently, they are provided with a different approach to learn and understand life. The school has come up with the ‘landscaping’ program for junior and senior school students who lack their PE credits.

If a student is struggling with their Physical Education credits, the school can offer various options for landscaping wherein they will be given tasks to help the elderly and disabled. Here are some important values that can be derived through these tasks.

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1. Personal Choice Of Landscaping

The students are allowed to pick their own tasks by analyzing whether they would be good enough for it or not. For example, if a student thinks they would not be a good grass mower then they can help in some other way like, cleaning the house or washing the porch, tending chicken coops, etc.

2. Greater Gesture Than Just Grades 

The teacher who came up with this idea, Tim Hitzler, mentions that this activity would not only help the students with their grades but moreover, they will be making bonds with the elderly, understanding the struggles of the disabled, which would make them a better person overall.

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3. A Great Workout

Students initially did not seem motivated for this activity but as soon as they got a hold of it, they realized its impact on them. The mental satisfaction of helping someone with the physical exercises one’s body gets under while grass mowing, or the other tasks, made many students enjoy the task while earning their grades.

  1. Plan Your Workout Routine

Did you know that typical lawn mowing, trimming of the hedges, etc can reduce a significant amount of calories from your body?

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It is reported that for a 150 lb. male, up to 408 calories per hour can be burned while mowing the lawn and about 230 calories can be burned an hour by each of hedge trimming and weeding the garden. These activities help your body get fully stretched and you will find your shoulder blades more relaxed and flexible.

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Hitzler claims that many students come back after graduation majorly because of the satisfaction they gain from helping others. Many students continued with the program even during their summer vacations, he says. For the teacher as well as the students, the landscaping program works as a token of returning something to the society they live in.

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