Stephen Hawking Said: “We Have Not Become Less Greedy Or Less Stupid”

Stephen Hawking

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking believed that mankind is in danger. And, it’s not the fault of anyone else but humankind itself. With global warming causing dreadful changes in the climate, humans have yet not been able to change for the better.

In the Larry King Talk Show, Stephen Hawking reminded the people that we’re racing towards doomsday without any change in sight. The brilliant mind had last talked to the show host 6 years ago. Since then, Hawking notes that the population has increased over half a billion. At this rate, he fears that by 2100, we’ll reach around 11 billion.

That is not all. Stephen Hawking noted that the problem of a growing population is intricately linked to other factors as well. The most serious threat is pollution. The levels of pollution are shocking at this stage alone. If the global population keeps rising at this appalling rate, we’ll reach the point of no return in a flash.

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In his 2010 interview with Larry King, Hawking had talked about overcrowding and pollution. In the 2016 show, he mentions that the situation has only become worse since then. There has been no substantial development in the span of over half a decade.

Stephen Hawking: Humankind Is The Greatest Threat To Earth

At the end of his life, Hawking deliberated that humankind is the greatest threat to the Earth. This is not without reason. With melting ice caps, increasing sea levels, rising population, and critical levels of pollution affecting the world, humans have yet not been able to take this matter seriously. Hawking assumed that humankind had an in-built tendency of being greedy and aggressive.

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The wise man said that we’re almost at the tipping point from where global warming will become irreversible. There is almost nothing that this world-famous physicist didn’t know. So, in times of crisis, his learned words should be like a wake-up call for the humankind.

Is Interplanetary Relocation The Only Solution?

Stephen Hawking mentions that Earth might soon become a planet like Venus. Venus has over a 250 degrees temperature and rains sulphuric acid. Hawking mentions that the Trump government can push humankind to that edge if they continue with their policies and practices.

According to him, the Earth might soon become completely uninhabitable. Hawking mentioned that in such a case, the only solution is to have a backup planet to secure humankind’s existence. This sounds like dystopian fiction, but that is how serious Hawking considers the threat and consequence of severe climate change.

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In the interview, Stephen Hawking also mentioned that over 80% of urban inhabitants are exposed to critically unsafe levels of air pollution. More and more modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence are posing a threat to the world. With governments engaged in developing weapons of mass destruction and militarization, there is a massive lack of climate-friendly policies.

Will Hawking’s predictions come true?

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