Startled By Fireworks, Hope The Zebra Dead In UK Zoo


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Hope the zebra was born when the national lockdowns started back in March 2020. Born at the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, this Bristol baby got very scared this November because of fireworks. 

The zoo authorities informed that the nine months old zebra got spooked from the loud sound of several bursting fireworks. This probably made Hope the zebra bolt on a wall. The impact of the smash caused her immediate death, according to the post-mortem report.

Managing director of the zoo, Larry Bush, said in a statement:

We’re feeling devastated by the loss of our young zebra Hope. She was so full of energy and life and she was an extremely healthy young zebra.

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Everyone at the zoo mourns the death of this beloved baby zebra. They explained that the fireworks were set off for celebration nearby. The organizers did not have any intentions of hurting any animals. But this just goes on to show how these sparks of celebration are not only hurting the environment but also animals, including our pets.


Senior keeper Jayne Gibbins said:

Her birth was a high point for us in amongst the challenges of having to close the zoo for three months in support of the national lockdown and we are all feeling her loss greatly.

Hope the zebra’s death should be ‘an impetus for change’ so that everyone becomes more aware of the impact of fireworks. The zoo authorities, while coping with their loss, are hopeful that people will shift towards alternatives now. Bonfire nights and other celebrations often have a prolonged period of time where multiple fireworks are set off one after the other. Apart from the fire hazards and pollution, saving the lives of innocent lives ought to stir everyone against such displays.

Image Featured: Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

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