Starting Work Before 10am Is Biological Torture – Scientists Say

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By Jess Murray Truth Theory

A new study has found that starting work before 10am is the equivalent of modern day torture.

Dr. Paul Kelley, a top researcher at Oxford University, has announced his discoveries which show that the act of having to wake up and start a working day before 10am, as a large proportion of working people do, is actually torturing us.

According to researchers, the main cause of this is due to our body naturally running on biological timers, known as our Circadian Rhythm, or in other words, our body clock.

Our body clocks are genetically pre-programmed to a cycle which helps to regulate our brain activity, together with our energy levels, hormone production and perception of time.

However, during the late 18th century, the 8 hour working day as we know it now was designed around the need for a maximisation of 24/7 factory productivity, which at the time did not consider the natural human body clock.

In contrast to this, our bodies have evolved around the daily cycle of sunlight, as opposed to modern day strategies of maximising business productivity.

Therefore, researchers claim that starting a working day before 10am every day is scientifically torturing ourselves, as it unnaturally interferes with our Circadian Rhythm, which in turn throws many different aspects of our mind and body out of balance.

Researcher Dr Paul Kelley, said at the British Science Festival, “we’ve got a sleep-deprived society, and this is an international issue. Every body is suffering and they don’t have to.”

One idea that Dr Paul Kelley had was to change the start times of schools in Britain from 8.30am to 10am and monitor any changes to students’ behaviour.

This theory was tested at a school, and after a set amount of time which included an exam period, positive results were found in a range of different aspects of school life. Attendance levels had improved, as well as the general productivity of the school, along with students’s grades also drastically increasing during this trial period.

Researchers claim that it would be worth testing these same principles in different areas of society, including workplaces, in order to see huge improvements. They believe that people would see a colossal change, from overtired and overworked employees who see coffee as their only saviour, to naturally productive and more focused individuals if they were to start work later in the day, meaning that they would be asleep when they are biologically supposed to.

Dr Paul Kelley claims that employers who are forcing their workers to begin before 10am each morning are contributing to both emotional and physical stresses, which have long term health risks.

If these working patterns were reduced, these health factors could change dramatically and the world of working could be a lot more productive, as well as being a generally happier place.

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