Starbucks Is Giving Free Coffee To First Responders And Healthcare Workers Dealing With Coronavirus

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By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

In times of need, every bit helps – and Starbucks are playing their part in the fight against the coronavirus by keeping frontline health care workers alert with a free supply of coffee.

Starbucks has promised that all first responders and healthcare workers in the United States will be entitled to a free tall brewed coffee.

Police officers, fire-fighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, hospital staff and medical researchers will all be eligible.

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The coffee company has also undertaken to deliver free coffee to senior citizens living in nursing homes.

The idea behind the free Starbucks coffee came from a store manager named Kyle Hansen.

“If the cops couldn’t come to coffee, coffee would go to the cops,” read a statement on the Starbucks website. “[as well as] the fire department and city hall.

“And all of the nearby senior centers and nursing homes. The team prepared travelers full of coffee, each with personalized messages of thanks and encouragement, and Hansen delivered them.”

“We decided to bring a little something to people serving our community,” Hansen said. “People who are experiencing even more uncertainty and unease than we are right now,”

“We may have to get creative, but there’s always something small we can do to make a difference. To uplift the days of people who are going through a really hard time.”

Most Starbucks stores closed

On May 21, Starbucks closed most of its stores across the U.S and Canada.

However, drive-thrus and delivery services have still been operating. Some Starbucks stores situated around hospitals will remain open.

The company will continue paying its employees for the next 30 days, whether they stay at home or come to work.

The free coffee offer will last until May 3.


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