Some Texas Schools Tripled Recess Time To Help Children With ADHD


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

For a lot of people, a school is a place of horror, a kind of enforced exile for a couple of hours. From memorizing texts to sitting in class for a long time, from learning 10 subjects to having a ten-minute break – it was all kinds of stressful. Over the years it got steadily worse till a point came when children developed disorders like ADHD.

ADHD or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is rising at an alarming rate. Instead of changing the way of the schools, parents are busy piling on more activities on their children. What should be done to ensure good mental health in children? Meditation is a must. It reduces stress, increases focus, and helps one see things clearly. Some schools serve organic food to the children so that they avoid junk. ADHD can be overcome if the children can live like they wish to.

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Creativity is the main key to ensure a balanced life. If the children are allowed to play in the open, find new things, make things on their own, and have fun – they will find studies interesting too. Children cannot sit quietly for long, they are restless for the next adventure. ADHD is not a grave disease and children should not be forced into behaving in a certain way. Some schools in Texas have increased the time for recess so that the children can do whatever they want. It doesn’t sound much but has had a miraculous effect on the kid’s mental health and academic performance. 


 Imagine getting two 15-minutes long breaks in the morning as well as in the afternoon to play with your friends. That is exactly what the Eagle Mountain Elementary in Fort Worth, has introduced for the kindergarten and first-grade children. Teachers were naturally worried about the syllabus they would have to cover however they realized the kids will learn at a faster pace. The kids will not waste time fidgeting as was proved at the end of five months. Dr. Debbie Rhea, Creator, and Director of the Liink Program, believes that the breaks reboot the brains of the children. 

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Instead of giving heavy medicines to the children, try to incorporate activities that they genuinely enjoy. Talk to the school authorities if you must, engage in some hobby with the little one, or simply ask them about their day. The attention span depends on interest and also attitude. Make sure your kids aren’t overburdened – let them have fun! 

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