Some Hosts In The Hamptons Are Paying For Party Guests To Take Rapid Coronavirus Tests Before Entering

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Reports came in earlier that the rich have flocked to the Hamptons to bunker up during this COVID-19 pandemic. The latest update on this news is that they are now paying to take rapid coronavirus tests before entering a party. And a single one-time test costs $500.

Dr. Asma Rashid heads an exclusive medical service. She revealed that wealthy party hosts are paying her to conduct rapid coronavirus tests for every single party guest. The rapid test results take around 10-30 mins to show up. 

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This news comes in amidst rising concern over coronavirus test delays in the country. Medical experts have said that long delays have deemed the test results less useful. They also said that it has become a serious issue in controlling the spread of the virus. 

Every party guest consents to reveal their rapid coronavirus test results once it’s out. Then, the host decides whether to let them in or not. 

Experts Say Rapid Coronavirus Tests Not Reliable

Two types of coronavirus tests are conducted in general. One is to determine if a person is currently infected. The other test looks at antibodies to check if the individual had contracted the virus in the past. 

Dr. Rashid confirmed that she administered both the nose swab and the finger prick tests at various social gatherings during this pandemic. She further added that she always tells people that the test results are not 100 percent reliable. And so, everyone must still follow all the COVID-19 guidelines. She added that more people should take the test rather than see it as taboo. 

The FDA has put out a disclaimer saying that rapid coronavirus tests can show inaccurate results. Several studies have shown the problems related to rapid testing. However, it’s still used due to its easy access and mobility. 

Abbott, a rapid coronavirus test producer, disputed such reports earlier and said that complaints of inaccurate results accounted for only 0.015%. 

The specific kind of coronavirus test administered in the Hamptons is yet to be disclosed. Meanwhile, Dr. Rashid said that her clients were aware of all the glitches in test results. She further added that there’s really no one test that gives a 100 percent guarantee right now. 

Coronavirus Test Delays – A Major Obstacle In Reopening The Economy 

The Hamptons is in Suffolk County, which has seen a total of 2,000 COVID-19 related fatalities and over 44,400 COVID-19 positive cases. There was a drastic increase in positive cases after the 4th of July. 

One party that made the news for violating COVID-19 safety protocols was a benefit concert. The drive-in concert featured The Chainsmokers. The event was supposed to follow social distancing rules. However, videos of the event surfaced on the internet showing thousands crowding the streets. 

Experts have raised concerns over the unavailability of test kits. They have also said that test delays will become a major roadblock in reopening the economy. 

Fortunately, the last couple of weeks saw a gradual decline in coronavirus positive tests in the Hamptons. Dr. Rashid mentioned that she has trouble procuring rapid coronavirus tests sometimes. 

Image Credit: Dmitry Moiseenko

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