Sobering Video Reveals the Hidden Truth Behind Instagram Posts [Video]

By Amanda Froelich

Does it seem as if everyone is living a more exciting, love-filled and interesting life? If you answered “yes,” you’re not alone. This is because the majority of people now glamorize their lives on social media platforms (specifically, Instagram), such as by taking photos from flattering angles and using filters. 

While the decision to put on makeup and pretend one woke up looking like a Greek goddess is a temporary ego-booster, it can result in others feeling as if they need to “fake it,” too. This is exactly what the following video, created by Ditch the Label, seeks to convey. It’s an unhealthy cycle, and it needs to stop.

The anti-bullying organization which is working in the USA, UK and Mexico recognizes that many people feel as if they have to appear “perfect” to the outside world — even though it is literally impossible to reach society’s high standards in every sense. As a result, it has become near second-nature for men and women alike to upload dishonest posts about their habits, days and appearance.

Created in partnership with house, the video raises important questions about perception, truth, and identity, as Bored Panda points out. Ditch the Label writes on their website, “We’re all guilty of twisting the truth a little bit on social media, but at which point has it gone too far?”

Watch the compelling video below:

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Source: Ditch the Label

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