“Sober Bars” Without Alcohol Begin Opening In The US As A Healthy Alternative

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By John Vibes / Truth Theory

Unfortunately, most social events for adults seem to be centered around alcohol, which can make those of us who don’t drink feel pressured or out of place when we go out to meet with friends and business associates. However, in many cities and towns across the country, “Sober bars” are starting to pop up as an alternative for adults who want to go out for the night without being in an alcohol-fueled environment.

Cherokee Recovery Village in Bastrop, Texas, is one of these establishments, and they have been making national headlines in recent weeks as an example of how people in recovery can still get out and enjoy the nightlife without all of the temptations.

Paul French Owner of the Cherokee Recovery Village, says that going out to sober bars can be similar to exposure therapy for addicts, which can help them become familiar with the sights and sounds associated with bars and clubs. French believes that this could prepare people in recovery to go out in other social situations as well.

“This is exposing yourself to triggers intentionally to weaken those triggers. It will allow you to eventually go into establishments where there’s drinking and partying and craziness and it won’t affect you as strongly as it did,” French told CBS.

French says that his bar isn’t just for people in recovery, but also people who want a more healthy alternative every now and then.

“It has really wakened people up on the health benefits of getting sober even if it’s just for a short period of time,” French says.

Even in Milwaukee, a city famous for its beer brewers has had some sober bars popping up locally. Many of these non-alcoholic establishments offer an assortment of juices and other beverages while offering music and entertainment options similar to traditional bars.


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