This Village Was Turned Into Stunning Art Gallery By A 92 Year Old Grandma

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

An old Czech woman has been making the rounds on the Internet for quite some time now. She has gone viral on multiple occasions for being passionate about flower painting.

This old Czech woman is an anomaly. While most old people can’t seem to wait to retire, this woman simply doesn’t want to stop! At an age when most would give their right arm to lie down and relax, this woman doesn’t like that idea even the tiniest bit.

Anežka Kašpárková. Remember the name of this nonagenarian when you feel tired after helping out around the house. This old Czech woman doesn’t want to lie back at home and enjoy the comforts that old age begets. No sir, she is out there living her best life where she paints the doors and windows of her neighbors. In her desire to live life fully, she has turned her village Louka into a personal art gallery.

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Agnes was previously an agricultural worker who had retired some three decades back. Instead of resting, she decided to take up this hobby, which her friend/mentor Manakova also happened to pursue. In fact, it was Manakova who showed her the ropes of hand-painting, which Agnes so beautifully does now.

grandma painting

This old Czech woman usually uses ultramarine shades and has floral motifs to her work. And this fits in perfectly with the Moravian houses that Louka consists of. Moravian houses have whitewashed walls, so the design suits them.

Although Agnes loves painting the whole village, her favorite is the chapel, where she spends 10 days in May. She crafts, draws, and paints it with amazing dexterity that belies her age.

old Czech woman

But this old Czech woman doesn’t want to take any credit for it, as an ‘artist’. She maintains that this is just a hobby and she simply does what she likes.

Unfortunately, there are a few pitfalls to aging. Agnes can hardly work in the cold months, so hand painting is strictly restricted to the summer months. This is when she reviews her work and updates them for the coming year.

old Czech woman

It can be said that the old Czech woman is quite natural at this. She hardly designs anything- she just takes her brush and lets her hands design what she can envision before her.

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Her hobby is actually quite serious, for she doesn’t compromise with her work. For this, she uses the best paint available- this would allow her artwork to not fade or get washed away for at least a couple of years.

Needless to say, her artwork has garnered immense praise throughout the world, especially since social media helped her get viral. Many websites have shared her beautiful artwork after taking permission from her.

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But what we can all learn from this old Czech woman is that age is never an obstacle. If you are passionate about something, go and get it. Be it at the age of 20, or 91.

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