Second-Level Transport Systems: This Turkish Transport Device Can Drive Over Traffic

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By Fattima Mahdi

The main problem for any large city is traffic jams. DAHIR INSAAT are a Turkish company that specialise in innovative engineering developments. They believe that second-level transport systems can combat this problem and have developed a universal passenger transport system that fits into the already established urban infrastructure. Using six mobile telescopic supports that run on the rails in the road, the transport system moves above the main traffic flow. Each support can move independently, with the ability to retract to get past accidents and other obstructions on the road. In addition, the flying-saucer type transport system can also lower itself to go under an overpass, making it functional for dense urban cities.

DAHIR INSAAT recently filed a patent for these concept vehicles which are completely electric and have roof-mounted solar panels. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The company have also designed single rail saucers that balance on one wheel. These rails can pass through public plazas and have barriers that prevent pedestrians tripping on the tracks. DAHIR INSAAT are also the company behind the flying train concept –  a second-level transport system that is a plane and train hybrid with wings and one mobile telescopic support that run on a single rail in the road. The company have also introduced a ‘drive market’ concept. “This is a store where customers make purchases without leaving their cars.” This approach is convenient for customers who don’t have time to trawl through large supermarkets on foot. So, how does it work? Customers drive up to a free section and parks next to racks of moving compartments. Each compartment contains products from a certain group. All products fit strict selection criteria to help significantly reduce the time it takes to browse for items. The customer selects the items they want and then they put it onto the conveyor belt.

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