Scottish Island Uninhabited Since 1934 Is Selling For Just £250,000

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By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Pack your bags, Scotland beckons. Linga, a 64-island that has been uninhabited since 1934, is for sale and costs just £250,000 ($351,700).

As Curbed reports, there is a reason the island is being sold for less than half-a-million dollars. Temperatures average around 39 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and 55 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. For those who aren’t averse to bundling up, however, it could serve as a gorgeous safe haven.

Because humans haven’t lived on Linga in decades, only sheep and a pair of idyllic roofless stone cottages (approved for renovation) come with the island. However, the local council has granted preemptive approval for additional development. They include a pier, a third cottage, a few outbuildings, and wind and solar power generation.

If you need a dose of civilization, the nearest town of Walls (population 978) is a short 1,600-foot boat ride away. From there, you’ll need to take a 13-hour ferry ride from Aberdeen or Kirkwall. If that doesn’t suit, get to your destination quickly by taking a flight in and out of Shetland’s capital, Lerwick. The airport is one-half hour away from Walls.

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Source: + Private Island off the coast of Shetland

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