Schools In England Will Teach Kids How To Meditate And Be Mindful As Part Of New Curriculum

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Would you agree that it is high time children are taught to be patient and considerate of their surroundings? Well, Britain takes the step ahead in that direction.

Meditation and Mindfulness will cover an entire program conducted by the British government for a mental health study until 2021. For this reason, around 370 schools throughout England would include meditation, meditative techniques and breathing exercises for Mindfulness. All because it is high time a nation takes interest in their children.

But really, why?

It is because children dealing with new emotions don’t deal in the way adults do. Adults might try to get to the bottom of the topic, but children can’t. They scream, shout, kick and bite to adapt to it. And this isn’t a good habit to inculcate. Tantrums are thrown only when a toddler doesn’t know what it is feeling. Or how to express it in words.

To tackle this very problem, schools in England have decided to organize classes of mental awareness, meditation, and mindfulness that would teach students to deal with it in a positive way. To deal with their emotions in a way that is conducive to their environment.

Students at the secondary level will be taught how to apply these techniques more in everyday life. For everyone knows that meditation would improve your general lot in life.

The entire program is simply because children are being increasingly diagnosed with depression at a very early age. Estimates say that 1 in 8 kids suffer from mental disorders. While the reason is always shady and never yields any positive answers, the basic fact that children are suffering from depression is worrying enough.

Even more worrying is that out of those, only 1 in 5 kids are facilitated health care.

It would be wrong to say that England is the first country to take this step. A school in Baltimore replaced their usual process of detention to a space where children could go and meditate. This was done way back in 2016.

And we believe this would definitely change the way things are taking place. Maybe other schools will follow up eventually.

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