The Rise Of Automation: How We’ll Earn Money In A Future Without Jobs

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Martin Ford is a futurist who focuses on the impact of artificial intelligence on society and the economy. In this video he predicts that we could face stagnant wages and underemployment, which would result in soaring levels of inequality; he also offers up solutions to deal with the new challenges we will face as a society.

“Technology is finally beginning to encroach on that fundamental human capability. The thing that makes us so different from horses and very thing that so far has allowed us to stay ahead of the march of progress and remain relevant and in fact, indispensable to the economy.”

Ford points out fundamental reasons why today’s information technology is so different relative to the past, summarised here:

  • Exponential acceleration
  • Cognitive Capability

The rise of automation can threaten the very fabric of society, so how will we find meaning and motivation without a job as a catalyst? Ford suggests that an incentivised basic income could be a solution to this problem.

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