Are You On the Right Path? 10 Signs You Are And Don’t Know It

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By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

What is your purpose in life? Are you living up to your true potential? Is the next step you plan to take the “right” one?

These are questions we have all asked ourselves, and they never get less scary. Why? Because, as humans, we desire security. Yet, at the same time, we feel a longing to create. The paradox is what challenges us all to dream, to explore and — yes, to take the leap.

Doubts often creep up after taking a leap, however, and that’s when someone can question their own integrity, intelligence, and insanity. If this is you, don’t despair. While no one can assure you whether or not you are on the “right” or “wrong” path in life, there are signs you are exactly where you are meant to be. If you stay the course and do not waver, your dreams and the better version of yourself you seek to create will be realized.

If you desire clarity on whether or not you’re making the right move in life, look to the list below.

Following are 10 signs you’re on the right path and don’t know it.

1) Things are falling apart

When it is time for you to move on, you will know. This is because, after making the conscious decision that you want more, that which does not serve you will fall away. All of a sudden, you may find yourself struggling to hold onto a job you hate, or persuading a participant of a toxic relationship to give you another chance. Simply, don’t.

In order for “new” to be created, you must let go of the “old.” Part of this step is learning to trust the higher aspect of yourself so the life you do want to live can be realized. If you are experiencing this step, you are on the right path — even though it doesn’t feel like it.

2) You have no clue what comes next

It’s alright to have no idea what to do next in life. In fact, this can actually be a great place to be mentality-wise. It suggests you are following your intuition and your heart, rather than your mind. Not knowing is very scary, but the willingness to be open to new opportunities and ideas will lead you to exactly where you are meant to be.

3) You are more interested in the future than the past

“Let sleeping dogs lie” is a statement few people hear anymore. Essentially, what it means is to let the past be the past, and to move on. If you’ve already done this, it is a sign you are being led to the next stop on this ride we call Life.

4) You are forming deeper connections

Not only does small talk annoy you to no end, you find yourself wanting to explore healthy relationships with other people. In fact, you feel drawn to people who are naturally optimistic, do not try and “feed” off your energy (energy vampires), and inspire ideas. This is a sign you are becoming more mature and are on the right path.

5) Synchronicities abound

While thinking about how much you want to travel to Thailand, you see a brochure advertising the luscious destination. Seconds before the phone rings, the individual calling pops into your head. You continue seeing Angel Numbers, such as 777, 111 and 333 everywhere you go. These synchronicities don’t mean you’re going crazy. Rather, they are all signs from the Universe that despite feeling lost, you are on the right path.

6) You start living for you

What makes you happy? Chances are, you only recently began asking yourself that. If so, this is another sign you are on the right path. Why? Because this is your journey and you no longer feel as if you need to prove yourself to anyone or anything. At the end of the day, you feel good knowing you’ve done the best you can.

7) Deep down, you know you’re on the right path

When you’re alone and are allowed to tune into your highest self, you know you’re on the right path. The life you live may not be validated by society, but it fulfills you and brings you happiness. That should be enough evidence to prove you are on the right path.

8) You go through bouts of depression and euphoria

Part of the expansion process is letting go of preconceived thoughts and ideas about who you are and what you have to offer this world. As such, it is not uncommon to experience very high “highs” and very low “lows” while exploring yourself, relationships with others, and the universe we live in.

When sadness kicks in, stop whatever you are doing and make an effort to sit with the emotion and meditate on its root “cause.” Once you can confront the source of sadness, desperation or anger, you can work on allowing whatever it is you have suppressed. As you heal (it’s not something that occurs overnight), do whatever you need to feel happy. Give yourself a hug, knowing you are working on you to become a better person.

9) You feel more afraid than comfortable

Because you are taking great risks, there are more opportunities to overcome fear than general discomfort, which plagues the general populace. When you feel afraid, acknowledge the fear, declare it will not impede your vision or success and thank it for being a great teacher on your journey.

10) Setbacks are common, so is “failure”

Because you are learning to let go of the collective’s idea of “success,” you constantly struggle with thinking you aren’t enough or have failed. The truth is, you are making progress on your goals and are moving forward. Keep your chin up, and remember that you are on the right path.

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