Richard Branson Say We Will Look Back And Be “Shocked” At The Way We Kill Animals For Consumption


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Veganism has seen a 600% rise since 2014, with many attributing this too shocking information being revealed to the public concerning poor factory farming practices. This has sparked a movement in which many meat alternatives have started to be created, and even cruelty free meat which is grown in laboratories.

Richard Branson has been the latest to add his voice to the campaign, claiming that he believes “we will look back and be shocked at what was accepted the way we kill animals, en masse for food.” With Branson adding “You don’t want to think about the slaughterhouse so you deliberately block that out of your head.”

In addition to the 600% rise in veganism- in the US Non-dairy milk sales have also seen a 61% rise since 2012, which has caused a plunge in traditional cow milk sales. Data from GrubHub, revealed that people choose vegan food 195% more in the first half of 2017 than 2016.

People turning to plant based diets is a global trend, with a 350% increase in veganism in the UK, in the past 10 years. Vegetarianism rising 400% in Portugal in the last decade. 22% of people in Hong Kong, practicing a plant-based diet. Even the government in China is getting involved, by encouraging citizens to half their meat consumption. Researchers believe China’s plant-based food consumption will grow by more than 17% by 2020.

Everyone can get involved by simply cutting down on meat consumption or understanding where your meat comes from. Barbaric factory farming practices and poor meat are not good for the animals or people consuming them. Simply start to purchase meat alternatives or meat from animals that have not been abused.

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