Reward Offered To Anyone Who Can Remove The Tire From This Crocodiles Neck


By John Vibes / Truth Theory

Update: The contest has been canceled because no challengers stepped forward.

A crocodile with a tire stuck around its neck has been spotted swimming in the waters of Palu River and Palu Bay in Indonesia for many years, and now local authorities are offering a reward for anyone who is able to take it off.

The Central Sulawesi Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) told local state-run media that they launched the contest because they were unable to help the animal with their limited resources.

The crocodile was first seen with the tire around its neck in 2016, and is said to have survived a tsunami and earthquake that struck the province’s capital city, Palu, in 2018. So apparently not even a tsunami would break the crocodile free of the tire.

BKSDA chief Hasmuni Hasmar, said in a statement that, “A reward will be given to anyone who can release the hapless reptile,” but he did not give any specifics about how much the reward will be.

Hasmar said that the BKSDA has made numerous attempts to free the animal, and they have even hired non-profit organizations from other countries to help with the effort, but no one has had any luck thus far.

Muhammad Panji, a celebrity conservationist from the area who is known locally as Panji the Adventurer, attempted to help the animal out in 2018, but he also couldn’t complete the task.

Central Sulawesi governor Longki Djanggola told the Jakarta Post that they are not sure where the crocodile is at all the time, and that part of the challenge will be finding the reptile.

“The BKSDA has a lot of work to do, part of it being [the search for] the missing crocodile with the tire,” Djanggola said.

The crocodile has been famous in the region for many years, and has even been featured in National Geographic documentaries.


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