Rescued Wolves Are Helping Veterans Deal With PTSD


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

In a brilliant move, war veterans are being helped in healing from PTSD by introducing them to rescued wolves

Isn’t it natural that a wounded, traumatic animal would be able to heal another wounded traumatic animal? This program, called Warriors and Wolves is located in Frazier Park, California where around 40 wolves have been rescued from various situations, and who too seemingly suffer from PTSD. Both the warriors and the wolves help each other in their mutual coexistence. 

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Although this is a very unconventional method of treatment and therapy, it has worked wonders for the veterans. Jim Minnick, one of the many veterans involved in this belief that the wolves teach you to be calm and composed at all times. And when they finally choose you, it is not only an honor but there lies a deeper meaning, a deeper sentiment behind that rite of passage.

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War veteran Matthew Simmons and co-founder of Lockwood Animal Rescue Center mentions how different it feels to be a part of nature. And not just nature, to be around animals as well. Even to the most traumatized veteran, it still feels different, for being with these animals helps them retain a greater part of themselves that slowly heals them. 

It’s as if they become part of the pack.

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