Rare White Giraffe In Kenya Is Pregnant Again

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

After Shocking the entire nation with the news of a rare white giraffe present in its sanctuary, the Ishaqbini Hirola sanctuary is getting ready to dole out some even better news- the white giraffe is pregnant!


After the tweet above issued by the KWS, which talks about the first calf that it birthed in 2017, and the ensuing expectations of another calf, the giraffe is ready to pop out a new runt anytime soon. Interestingly, this sanctuary not only houses this rare giraffe, but also the Hirola Antelope.

After the announcement was made, most Kenyans took to Twitter to share their happiness and jubilation with the world. According to TUKO.co.ke, this animal was first sighted along with its calf way back in 2018, when a farmer alerted the wildlife conservation services in Garissa for their protection from poachers.

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According to the Hirola Conservation Programme, this giraffe suffers from a rare form of genetic mutation known as laicism, which is different from albinism. While albinism is all about the absence of pigment, Laicism, on the other hand, is the reduction of the said pigment.



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