Quarantined Musicians Give Performances From Their Balconies


By John Vibes / Truth Theory

As of Monday, there have been over 21,000 cases and 1,441 deaths in Italy, and the country’s healthcare system has now been overrun and doctors are being left with the difficult decision of rationing out treatment.

Residents are being told to stay indoors or face legal penalties, and the mood is very gloomy across the country due to the quarantine. As Truth Theory previously reported, people were taking to their balconies and open windows to sign together in some of the densely populated cities that are under lockdown.

This is a tradition that began in Wuhan, which was the first place in the world to go into quarantine as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus. In the other areas that have since faced similar lockdown measures, citizens have done this to encourage one another and show solidarity with people in other nations who are stuck in the same situation. In the incredible video below, a dance music DJ took out his mixer and some speakers and gave a performance for his community from the balcony.

Hehe, and the party goes on..Covid 19 in Italy.

Gepostet von Qayum Khan am Sonntag, 15. März 2020

The Facebook video has now been seen over 20,000 times and collected over 21,000 comments.

Another video, from Barcelona, Spain, which is also currently under a quarantine lockdown, shows a musician playing a keyboard out on his balcony. Before long, the musician is joined by a neighbor who brought a saxophone out onto their balcony to join along. This video was also seen over 20,000 times by Facebook users around the world.

La Cuarentena en Barcelona. 👏🙏💪

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Residents of both Italy and Spain also applauded their medical workers from their windows and balconies.

Coronavirus lockdown: Italians and Spanish take to balconies to applaud medics

People stuck in lockdown and self-isolation have take to their windows and balconies across Europe to applaud medical staff for their work during the coronavirus outbreak.Read the full story: https://bit.ly/2UlSHFh

Gepostet von ITV News am Sonntag, 15. März 2020

Even though people are banned from going out in public, they are still doing everything they can to keep themselves and their neighbors in good spirits. There is no telling how long the quarantines will last, but residents are hoping that it will only be a few weeks.

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